Saturday, November 19, 2011

Choke On Your Lies - Anthony Neil Smith

I really enjoyed this book! It's unusual in that there is nothing endearing about any of the characters initially. I had the urge to slap poor Mick Thooft, as he appeared downtrodden and manipulated by everyone he came into contact with. That expression "Grow a pair!" so often used these days seemed perfect for him.

Mick turns to Octavia, the power crazy, omnipotent and physically enormous lawyer for help to save his house from the claws of his treacherous wife, Frances who has decided their relationship is over.
Octavia is fearsome! She uses her power, wealth and intelligence to outwit her adversaries and manipulate her employees and anyone close to her. This includes Mick who is perhaps her one real friend; it's a friendship that has survived the years even though he sometimes fears Octavia too. Does she have a softer side to her complex personality?

You need to read this fantastic book where the characters are as cleverly constructed as the storyline which takes you through filth and sleaze all brilliantly described with the most wonderful humour. There are parts which are downright hilarious! Also there is an amazingly touching speech from Jennings (Octavia's right hand man and another of her captives) which nearly had me in tears. This book takes the reader through so many emotions - frustration, annoyance, sadness and happiness. It's so well done.

Read it. It was a real surprise and a pleasure to read. Loved it!!!

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