Friday, September 14, 2012

25 Years at Solihull Council

Dear All,

After I'd taken my O' Levels way back in 1987, I had that lovely long Summer stretching ahead of me before going on to do my A' Levels at King Edwards for Girls in Kings Heath. My summer holiday job at Beatties (now House of Fraser) fell through (in the ladies' shoe department so thank God for that!) and I ended up working here for nothing for a bit of work experience in the old Data Control section. This was thanks to my father as there was no way he was going to have me sitting around the house for six weeks doing nothing! Thanks Dad....

The rest as they say, is history. I started permanently here as a Data Control Assistant exactly 25 years ago today and never went back to any school.

Well, I am still here and I really mean it when I say I am glad about it and hope I'm still here in another 25 years.

Now the serious bit - please forgive me if I don't get the flags out, throw parties and buy cakes etc. The fact I lost dad just over six months ago (Thursday the 8th of March) makes me not feel right about celebrating. He would have been so pleased and proud that I had lasted this long and have not been sacked in disgrace!

Please believe me when I say I am glad to be here. Everything important that has happened to me in my life (apart from being born) has been while I have been working for SMBC.

It just feels wrong to be going wild right now.

Thank you all very much.